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B-Innovationss LLC is an innovative, State of the Art, Technology driven Company dedicated to Sustainable Solutions, currently specializing in LED Lighting, lighting controls, sensors and monitoring for optimal building energy efficiency.

We are based in the heart of Silicon Valley, where creative minds are working to bring to market the most innovative products for Better Energy Efficient Sustainable Solutions (BEESS)

After all, Bees are vital to our existence – let’s acknowledge this

Our Beginning

B-innovationss LLC was founded in Nov 2011 by Rosie Lauritzen and CM Javier with a focus on excellent quality, high power, yet low wattage LED lighting. In early 2012 B-innovationss formed a Joint Venture with LOTC, an LED company based in Taiwan, to bring more efficient, better performing LED Technology to the USA.

B-innovationss was the first company to bring Chip On Heat Sink (COHS) LED lights to the USA under the American Trademark of BilloLights™. This cutting edge technology provides better performance and success in achieving heat dissipation.

BilloLights™ started gaining market acceptance in the hospitality industry as well as the commercial industry. See the Gallery for a description of past projects.

Current Company

Our newly organized Company is still headed by CEO Rosie Lauritzen, who has vast experience in the lighting industry and is dedicated to offering quality products in energy efficiency at a reasonable price for the best value.

B-Innovationss has recently embraced new partnerships with companies and people from all over the world that have the same vision and that embrace our ideas and future plans.

We have dropped the brand BilloLights™, to become BEESS™ (BETTER ENERGY EFFICIENT SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS) B-innovations has now become a platform to bring the best technology in LED lighting, lighting controls, sensors, monitoring and display of energy savings.

We will be offering future products and technologies in other areas of sustainability to provide Total Sustainable Solutions.

We believe that People, Planet, and Profits can all benefit at the same time.