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On July 16, 2014, B-Innovationss announced several new LED Products, including:

– 240° -S LED T8!: T8 LED Tube with 240 degree Beam Angle!

– LED Parking Lights with photocell in a variety of colors, 80,000 hrs of life!

– High and Low Bay LED Lights – 100,000 hrs of Life!

– Wireless Sensors and Controls – Integrated for Maximum Efficiency!

– Monitoring and Display of Real Time Data in Powerful Graphical Form!

Title 24 2013 Mandates Sweeping Changes in Lighting and Lighting Controls as of July 1, 2014

LEDs are the recommended future lights and fixtures in California to greatly reduce energy. Along with LEDs, Title 24 mandates lighting controls, including occupancy sensors, dimmers, and manual switches for most alterations.

B-Innovationss has the LEDs and lighting control systems to meet these requirements. Contact Us for a thorough review  of your lighting needs.