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There are many rebate programs from Electric Power companies around the State of California, you can contact your local provider,  (Some Rebates have changed from last year to this year, others have been discontinued).

If you are from outside California, many Electric Companies and State Programs offer incentives too. Check with your local provider!

Electric Service Providers

An Electric Service Provider (ESP) is a non-utility entity that offers “Direct Access” electric service to customers located within the service territory of an investor-owned utility. ESPs are required to register with the California Public Utilities Commission, which in September 2001 suspended the option of IOU customers to switch to Direct Access.

Publicly Owned LSEs – Including Publicly Owned Utilities (POUs)

Other POU Representatives / Agents

Other Governmental Agencies

(Non-LSEs that self-provide for their own loads)

Rural Electric Cooperatives

Community Choice Aggregator

Native American Utilities


Many Electric Companies have financing programs available,  call them to see if you qualify.

If you do not qualify,

Contact Us –  We can help you through the whole process. We all want to save energy, and you might wonder how you can make a major lighting change without losing your cash flow? We have great financing tools that will allow you to get the best ROI and yet save energy.