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B-Innovationss offers the following services:

– Energy Management Consulting

– Energy Lighting Audits

– Training for Directors of Facilities/ Title 24, 2013 codes(lighting, sensors and controls)

– State-of-the-Art LED lighting

– State-of-the-Art Lighting Wireless Controls and Sensors

– Facilitation of Energy Rebates and Financing

– 3 yrs of ongoing Service

– Monitoring and Display of Energy Efficiency data in graphical form to raise awareness of social responsibility.(HVAC data could also be included)

B-Innovationss also offers Training to all Campus and Company workers on:

a) How to work and experience new lighting , wireless sensors and controls in all buildings.

b) How to operate Lighting controls in private offices via application in iPhones, Android and other smart phones.

c) Our Social Responsibility for Energy Reduction Impact, commitment and awareness. We all must be part of the solution!

The Formula and Results:

a-Our State of the Art LED lighting + b-Our Wireless sensors and controls + c-Your social participation and commitment= 85% Reduction of Lighting Energy Savings.

a(50%) + b(25%)+c(10%)=85%